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Welcome to one eclectic painter's vision of Cape Cod, MA and New Mexico...

Greetings! Whether you are a collector or simply enjoy viewing a variety of interesting art, please feel free to tour my Virtual Galleries along with other pages continually evolving as new work becomes available. Just select from the page options above and enjoy. Thanks for visiting. -- JS


Upcoming Juried Exhibition

WILD! ~ May 20th thru June 20th, 2017

     Ghostwolf Gallery, 2043 So. Plaza St. NW in "Old Town" Albuquerque, NM 87104

                             505.246.WOLF ~ Opening Reception: May 20th

                            Exhibition & Talks in Collaboration with Defenders of Wildlife


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Artist Statement

As a painter, I enjoy traversing a fine line between realism and surrealism. Many of us seek individual niches in life on some level, especially artists. I seldom sketch, envisioning basic concepts of color and form in my mind's eye long before selecting a compatible substrate. For me, painting brings immediate gratification and I like the challenge of experimenting in different mediums and genres. Not into perfecting the tried and true, I'm more about developing unique techniques of my own. I've always danced to my own tune... it gets worse with age.


These days, I'm into acrylics for dramatic effect and textural versatility. I work free-form mixing multi-layers of bold, richly thickened hues directly onto canvas or board. Drying progressive paint layers can be a lengthy process but background color and texture are integral to the emergence of my imagery. In all honesty - my love for oil and encaustic wax painting led me to what I'm doing now. The highest compliment I receive is when viewers see oil/encaustic parallels in my acrylic work. Though chemical sensitivities led me toward more water-based materials, I've been delighted to find preconceived notions of limitation totally unfounded. In fact, quite the opposite! I can still do my own thing knowing the work is archivally sound... and I can breathe!


My work is also deeply influenced by places I've lived long enough to absorb nuances of culture and context. Currently, that means Cape Cod and Santa Fe, NM ~ both offer amazing views in exquisite seasonal light. I find pulling from diverse geographic elements enhances the overall aesthetic of my work. In addition to color-rich land/seascapes, I'm drawn to the mystery and raw emotion deep within kachina and animal faces. Though my lifelong interest in southwest imagery may appear incongruous alongside quintessential Cape scenes, both are close to my heart... inextricably entwined paths taken along my personal journey. Lately I've been focused on my Illumination Series shown exclusively in Gallery 3. For me, creating tactile work with impasto technique - varnished to a fine sheen (enticing viewers to reach out and touch!) is a beautiful thing. We are all encouraged to be in the moment... and that spirit surely guides my work as I strive to capture and illuminate moments in time that might otherwise be lost. -- JS

Artist Background

I have worked in fine arts most of my professional life though my educational background is primarily journalism-based. A writer for years, I've been fortunate to channel that ability toward multi-faceted outreach endeavors. For example, grant writing enabled me to fundraise in support of arts and humanities programming for at-risk kids and others in need. Additional career highlights include directing promotions and writing for Santa Fe, NM based Indian Artist magazine ~ and developing community partnerships using the arts as a tool for economic development in underserved areas. These were innovative efforts working with exceptional indigenous artisans of the Southwest's renowned Four Corners area. Editing written content for Sundance Film Festival publications was also key experience leading to so much more. Overall, I've enjoyed a colorful, prolific career in arts and humanities administration ~ as well as consulting and fundraising for various non-profit organizations throughout the southwest and Cape Cod.


That said, the most fulfilling thing I do now... is paint. Prior to studio painting full-time I served as a cofounding board member, juror, exhibitor - and taught art - at Three Fish & A Ram Gallery & Art Center in Mashpee. Alongside extraordinary artists and fellow community activist partners David Kooharian, Marc Leitzel and Alex Tyber, we gave our all to bring a collective vision to life.


In the here and now, I am blooming where I'm planted in Santa Fe having permanently returned from the Cape - painting as much as possible while renovating! Technically, I'm considered self-taught but the reality is that through my work in the fine arts sector, I have been greatly influenced by many unique and fearless artists along the way. Some I have worked with and befriended for life - others I have admired from afar. All have profoundly inspired my own artistic journey today. -- JS

Painter in progress, age 6

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Each day, with gratitude, I try to live by two old adages. One hangs on a sign in my studio reminding me... It's never too late to be what you might have been. The other sits on a rock in my garden simply stating... Bloom where you are planted.

My Beloved Gardens
Refuge to all who enter here... JS

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